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All the goodies with our handmade box!

Gemma and I love presents – and the best present of all is a surprise one.

Growing up, my mum often eagerly gave us our gifts early (including Christmas) – not that I complained, mind you. So, as my husband can attest, I sometimes struggle waiting until the due time to open presents.

Alas, as part of relaunch celebrations, I have recently had the good fortune of being bestowed a gift that cannot be opened early, and its contents cannot be discovered until the very moment of unwrapping.

Introducing… ‘The Handmade Box’.

[Let’s just put a little disclaimer here: I was gifted this box, but all opinions remain my own].

Delivered to my front door the very day after it was posted, with some aversion, I took the adult course of action and allowed my two year old daughter to unwrap the package.


The first thought shared between Frankie (our dog) and I was that there were some fragrant things inside that package. I didn’t have to worry about her eating the chocolate fudge however – Gemma was in charge of that. And if she had gotten her way, the entire slab would have been consumed by her and her alone.



Cue the moment I confiscated the fudge! Hahahaha… priceless.


Many tears later, Gemma had regained her composure to help me continue sorting through the handmade goodies. This included smelling the bath salts and soy melts by smushing them against her nostrils, and personally taste-testing the sundries tomato flavoured salt with repeated licked fingers.


I’m now looking forward to the moment, if I ever get it (hint hint kids, go to bloody sleep), of using my clay mask and foot sherbet (I didn’t know there was such a thing as sherbet for your feet – admittedly I first thought candy – somewhat disappointed that it wasn’t, but my dry heels could certainly do with it).

A super sweet personal touch – Gemma has already claimed it. She clearly took no note of whose name was on it.

If you’d like to check the handmade boxes out, visit “The Handmade Box” on Facebook or Instagram. I believe their next box has bath time goodies, and if they can extend the amount of peaceful minutes my kiddies spend in the bath, I am most eager to try them.

P.S. I am always open to presents 😉


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