Hi, my name is Heidi. I’m a Queensland mum of two beautiful children, and a wife to my high school sweetheart. If I had to pick five words to describe me, I would choose: curious, fleeting, creative, contemplative, and odd. My husband chose: persistent, intelligent, loving, funny, and annoying (p.s. I didn’t bribe him for this activity).

My style of parenting is somewhat laid-back and involves not taking it too seriously, and encouraging my children to learn through discovery and trying it out for themselves. We eat vegemite sandwiches, often stay up too late, never have a perfectly tidy house, and dance like nobody is watching. What we do well is have fun along the way.

Besides being a mum, I’m also passionate about many things including social and environmental causes, the underpinnings of humanity, and all things creative. Expect to see some random musings about these topics thrown into the blog. Better yet, join in on the conversation.

And if you have a story, or topic you’d like for me to explore, send me a message via my Facebook page. I’m always curious to find out more.